In the first months of life, it is recommended to sterilize the baby pacifier and bottle to avoid possible infections. This is because the babies’ immune system is not yet fully developed, making them more likely to contract certain diseases. 

It is also advisable to sterilize rubber toys in the first three months and wash fabric toys and cuddle-loveys with very hot water.  

However, the sterilization should never be exaggeratedTo develop and become stronger, the baby’s immune system needs to get into contact with bacteria. You cannot isolate children in a bubble to prevent them from getting sick. 

For this reason, paediatricians recommend to stop sterilizing the bottles and pacifiers after 4 months-oldwhen the babies start taking to the mouth everything they grasp with their hands (toys, keys, mobile phones…), which diminish the need of sterilization 

Of course, it is recommended to continue washing them every 15 days to avoid milk residue or germs. When you feel it is needed, just wash them well with hot soapy water, but there is no longer needed to sterilize them every after use.  

From 6 months-old, you can completely stop sterilizing baby bottles and pacifiers. You can even start washing the baby products in the dishwasher if you choose a program at more than 80 degrees.