MOLTEX’s long-standing heritage began as a German trapeze-style diaper in the 1960s and has evolved over the years up to the present time. Now, its new look is making the connection between the brand’s ecological heritage and the growing trend for environmentally-friendly, natural products. Take a look at Moltex’s history!


The German entrepreneur Grete Schickedanz* introduces the first German trapeze-style diaper to the market under the MOLTEX label.
(*Grete Schickedanz, née Lachner, was a German businesswoman. She was born in Fürth on 20 October 1911 and died in Fürth on 23 July 1994. She served as Managing Director of the Quelle mail order company until 1983.)


The MOLTEX non-woven diaper with soft embossed ends is introduced as an innovation.

Pictures source: Wikipédia


The MOLTEX Combinette is introduced as an innovative panty diaper.


The MOLTEX Combinette is marketed as an all-night diaper.


A diaper for newborns and infants is added to the MOLTEX Combinette range.


MOLTEX diapers are upgraded with the addition of a legband.


The first fragrance-free MOLTEX diaper is introduced.


MOLTEX is marketed as a “skin-protection diaper”.


MOLTEX Eco is launched as the world’s first unbleached panty diaper, marking the birth of the world’s first eco-diaper: MOLTEX Eco. MOLTEX Eco has since become an established brand in the eco-diaper segment.


A study on organotin compounds commissioned by Greenpeace identifies only four diaper products (out of ten) as free of hazardous substances. Three of these are MOLTEX products


The “white MOLTEX Eco” replaces the unbleached MOLTEX eco-diaper.


The acquisition of the PEANUTS licence makes MOLTEX the first diaper associated with this fun factor for parents and children alike – visually appealing, original and loveable.


MOLTEX Eco re-brands. The brand is standardised for the international market and given a new name based on its recognised status as the world’s first eco-diaper: MOLTEX nature no.1. In order to express this in visual form, we have decided to replace the PEANUTS motifs with images of a happy, adventurous little bear. The MOLTEX bear will be curious and attentive as he observes the environment and brings children closer to nature


Moltex Pure & Nature has a long-standing heritage of offering reliable and high-performing baby care products that are safe for your baby’s skin and environmentally-friendly. Moltex fully relaunches, focusing not only on caring for the planet, but also with an increased focus on baby safety and comfort. The new packaging now makes the connection between the brand’s ecological heritage and the growing trend for environmentally-friendly, natural products.