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The chart below will help you to choose a diaper size based on your child’s weight. If there are some signs of an improper fit, such as leakage, a rash or red mark along the sides of your child’s hips, this means you should consider moving up a size.

  • Newborn : 2-5 kg
  • Mini : 3-6 kg
  • Midi : 4-9 kg
  • Maxi : 7-14 kg
  • Junior : 11-16 kg
  • XL :13-18 kg

There are many causes of diaper rash and some of the common ones are:

• Leaving a wet or dirty diaper on for too long
• Rubbing or chafing against the diaper itself
• Bacterial infection
• Allergic reaction to diapers
• The infant growing older – especially between the ages of 9 and 12 months old
• Starting to eat solid foods
• Taking antibiotics, or if you take antibiotics and are nursing

For further information, please consult our advice section where you will find many more baby care tips.

Bio-based, also known as “renewable” – this concept refers to the start of the production chain: products are made from plants and not petroleum-based. The bio-based content in the product is the fluff pulp made from wood, cotton, and the bio-based inner layer made from sugarcane and sugar beet. The packaging is made from sugarcane.

Biodegradable – this concept refers to the end of the product life cycle, after product disposal: the material breaks down and bacteria, moulds, etc. convert the material into water, carbon dioxide, methane and other by-products. The pulp and cotton inside the product are biodegradable. The bio-based plastics used in our products and packaging are not biodegradable.

Compostable – some materials are only biodegradable in industrial composting installations, not in nature (i.e. soil or water). Furthermore, in landfills, some materials – even natural ones – take a long time to degrade because the products are compressed, wet and not exposed to air or light.

Biodegradable plastic is NOT a good idea for diaper packaging. The goal should be to collect and recycle the outer packaging. When biodegradable plastics end up in recycling, there is a risk it will degrade the quality of the recycled material. That is why our bag is bio-based but not biodegradable.

No. The label just indicates it has 15% more cotton in the backsheet.

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